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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Dumplings and your computer

Had dinner with Catherine last night (which I haven't done in far too long). Went to the Dumpling House on Spadina, which I had never been to before. As the name suggests, the big draw is dumplings, which they make in the window. We had a dozen mixed steamed dumplings, a dozen fried lamb dumplings, a plate of really good vegetables, and some rice. I was starving when I went in, and left more full than I had been in a long time. Definitely going back.

From ComputerWorld, 30 Tech Myths Debunked. Here's one we all need to get straight:

Repeated on-off cycles reduce the useful life of the PC: While it is true that certain components of your PC have a fixed number of start-stop cycles, those numbers are high enough not to cause worry. Microchips (including the CPU and those on the motherboard), CR Tmonitors and hard disks especially, have a rated number of times they can be turned on and off. Shutting the PC down when its use is not required for an hour or more will save power and even reduce component wear and tear. For example, for hard disks, this number is 50,000 or more. So, even if you switch the hard disk off and on ten times a day,after three years you would be close to 10,000 cycles, five times lesser than the rated number.

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Dumpling House is one of our faves. You should try the fried onion cake - super yum! I'm also a big fan of their eggplant.

It got a bad rep during the big snowstorm because the sewers backed up, causing rats to invade Chinatown, and DH had the bad luck to have someone post a photo online of rats in the restaurant. It got cleaned up and re-inspected within a couple of days though.

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