Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

Past few days...

The con approaches, but matters seem well in hand. Much to do, but I've scheduled evenings off over the next two weeks so I keep on an even kneel.

Iron Man rocked! He was my favourite superhero as a kid, because he was a guy in a suit, and in theory I could build a suit. He was a superhero because he was smarter than everyone else.

The movie worked because the performances were so spot on. Robert Downey Jr. completely nailed the role, he can do more with a look then most actors can do with an entire scene. Palthrow was great, and Jeff Bridges was almost unrecognisable with his huge beard and bald head (as commented by others, he was essentially playing the anti-Dude). My favourite scenes were Tony tinkering the suit together (both times), testing it out, and hanging with his robot pals. Finally, a film where the engineer is the hero. Even if he doesn't (quite) get the girl.

Oh, and the new AMC showed it at 9 PM, which is a very civilized time to see a movie! I'm sick of films either starting at 7 PM (so it's tough to have dinner beforehand) or 10 PM, so it's past midnight when you get out and there's very liited hanging out time available. Not only that, but they showed no commercials, and the trailers actually started at 8:50 PM, so the film itself started just past 9PM! I may never go to the Paramount again.

Most of the weekend went on Anime North meetings, but plenty got done. Pre-reg has set another record, we'll see how many people show up this year.

Last week Cory Doctorow was at the Merril for his new young adult novel Little Brother, which he describes as "1984 fanfic". Big crowd to see him, for once the familiar faces at a Merril event were the minority. Cory's a great speaker, and Bakka sold a pile of books

Don't think I've mentioned my new icon. It's Reika and Renamon, from the third season of Digimon, which I recently downloaded and watched again (first aired in 2002). I'd buy this on DVD in a second if it was available, because it is the freaking War and Peace of the kids-with-fighting-creature shows (a la Pokemon). The guy who wrote that season also wrote Serial Experiments Lain, one of the touchstones of existential anime angst. Anyway that season of Digimon was smart, funny, and filled with great characters, Reika and Renamon being particularly awesome. I'd forgotten just how relentlessly grim the final dozen episodes are. Half of Tokyo ends up wrecked, there's symbolic suicide attempt by one of the main characters, and there are way more tentacles then you'd expect to find on a kids show. And it aired on the Family Channel!
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