Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

Quite the week

Well, this was the most stressful week I've had in a while. A rush job popped up at work, so I was going flat out to get that done, and I also had an Anime North meeting one evening, a Friends of the Merril meeting on another, and some Hot Docs films I really wanted to see (more on these later). As I result I barely had a moment to myself.

So this weekend I've essentially taken off to de-stress myself. Which was a good choice of weekend, what with the sudden TTC strike and all. Man, there must have been plenty of people who didn't know it had happen till they woke up Saturday morning and tried to get out to work.

I had brunch with Paul yesterday (which took a while as all the kitchen staff had only just arrived when we got there), and I went on a 60 km bike ride, which I REALLY needed to do. I must be in half-decent shape as I don't feel anything much today. I went west on the Lakeshore, so on the way back dropped into Irwin and Lisa's for a chat, and Lisa gave me a big helping of a sweet and sour stir fry she had made a huge amount of the previous day for my dinner. Thanks Lisa!

Been doing some much overdue picking up in my apartment today, and have one more Hot Doc this afternoon.
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