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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Robin Hood

While I was at Janet's last week I watched five minutes of the new Robin Hood series on BBC Canada, as I had heard about it and wanted to see what it was like. Five minutes was all I needed (Aaron said he lasted only two when he tried watching it). The whole feel of it is trite. and I'm pretty damned sure people didn't have leather coats with lapels in the 11th century. Who the hell did they get for the costuming for that show?

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Robin Hood

I really think that you have not taken the time to watch or learn about the background of this particular RH Series.

The producers have repeated over and over again that it is a more updated version...for the "playstation generation" as they stated.

Give it another shot. The show might have some unrealistic parts to it, but most do.

Series 2 was better in many ways than Series 1.

You need to look into the Behind the Scenes of the show.

An Armstrong Angel

Not only is the series bad, its publicity flacks apparently have all the subtlety of wounded moose.

Note to self: do not bother with this series.

I watched all the episodes I could (since I try to watch everything) on BBC America last year. It had some promising elements and decent acting. Over time, the dialog and plots became anachronistically tiring. There isn't enough here for me to recommend this to anybody else. It's so much not as good as the '80s version (Michael Praed and Jason Connery).

Though I've recently discovered Michael Praed on "The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne"; it's slightly schlocky in a sort of retro-Doctor Who way, but other than that it's reasonably watchable.

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