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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Weekend Update

Busy weekend. Started out on Friday going by Janet's place to provide a fresh pair of eyes on some of the music videos she's judging for Anime North. We have a "no explicit violence" rule and she needed a second opinion on a few of the entries.

The quality of the entries in our Anime Music Video contest looks to be quite high this year. Our "challenge" category this year is Still Images (i.e. no animated images in your AMV, although panning over still images, zooming in and out on them, etc, is allowed), and a couple of those are freaking amazing!

And handful_ofdust, you might want to check out this Death Note AMV that got first prize at Anime Boston this year.

After that we watched a little Ben-Hur because it was on, then the new Battlestar Galactica (which is actually going somewhere again), and a little more Ben-Hur.

Saturday I had hoped to get on my bike for the first time this year, but it was too cold and wet. I did get my bike out and give it a good once-over, so I'll be ready one evening this week when it warms up (which is happening right now). In the early evening I went down to the opening of a new Yoga studio in Liberty Village, as I saw thru Facebook that my friend Teresa, who I haven't seen in ages, was going to be there, so it was good to catch up with her. Also, there was free food. (And I really do need to get professional help regarding my flexibility, which is close to non-existent and will bite me on the ass sooner or later).

After that it was my friend Melanie's birthday celebration, so it was over to Clinton's, her favourite watering hole for the rest of the night.

Sunday I slept in (although I'm sure not as much as Melanie did, it took Joel and I to steer her home at the end of the night), and when to see California Dreaming at Cinematheque (running into my brother and Charles there). I got the second last ticket available. I missed seeing this film in the Film Festival last year, it's a Romanian film about a train full of NATO equipment and American soldiers passing thru a small Romanian town during the 1999 Balkan's war, when the station-master (and local crime boss) refuses to let them pass without custom's documents no matter what the government says. Then everyone in town (the mayor, striking workers, teenage girls) try to leverage the situation to their benefit, and it all ends in tears. It's a good film but over-long and awkward in places. It turned out it was just a first cut, the director and editor were killed in a car crash before they could finish it and it was released "as is". Really do think someone else should have had the nerve to pick up the torch through.

Spent the evening working on my taxes, and I've got a nice refund coming from the government. Yay me!

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Man! That's genuinely incredible. The entirety of Death Note in 4:11. (Good song choice, too...)

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