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Safe and Sound

My flight to London was very uneventful (as flights should be), no problems with customs and I made it to Colin and Shana's place in near record time from Gatwick (according to Shana).

Didn't sleep much on the plane, so I laid low yesterday, aside from a walk along the Thames to try and reset my clock. England isn't on Daylight Savings yet, so the time difference is only 4 hours, not five.

Shana had to go out to a meeting at 6 PM, and i ended up falling asleep on the couch. When Colin got home and woke me up, I was completely discombobulated for about a minute, hardly any idea where I was, much to his amusement.

Anyway, got a good night's sleep, got a good breakfest in me, and got the wireless working. Let the adventures begin!


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