Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

Weekend Update

And that was my Support My Friends in Arts Weekend.

It started on Friday with Regina who was performing in the Flipside Festival, a Filipino cultural festival. Tales of the Flipside was a series of interlocking one-act plays, with Regina in one of them. The event was held in Kensington Market, so afterwards Regina, myself, and her sister Jessica made it over to King Noodle on Spadina. I always forget just how large their "small" soups are.

Saturday I spent pretty close to home due to the weather. I did venture out to the Merril Collection for some reading in the afternoon (although they closed the library early, at 4 PM, to give the staff time to get home) and spent the evening watching episodes of Strawberry Panic.

Sunday morning I had scheduled for brunch with Joel and Melanie at 11 AM. The time change didn't catch me out, although it did for them. I specifically left a message on Joel's machine the previous day about this, but he didn't get it in time (should have left one with both of them), and he called me Sunday at 10 AM to reschedule for noon. We had brunch at the Dakota Restaurant, which has an all-you-can-eat breakfast for $12 (including coffee!) and live bluegrass. For the future, noon is the wrong time to arrive as it's at it's busiest then and we has to sit at the bar, but the food was pretty good.

After that it was over to hear Janet singing in the church choir at St. Anne, in an event to commemorate the centenary of St. Anne's (a Byzantine Anglican church) being built. The highlight of the performance was a Mass by Mozart, which ran for an hour even though (according to Janet) they had cut major parts from it. Mozart never actually managed to finish this Mass (damn you Salieri!) so they performed a version completed by some guy in 1901. They imported an orchestra from Oakville to provide the music, and I really enjoyed it. Janet says she's the soprano voice that wasn't squeaking, although I'm way too tone deaf to pick individual people out. And she said that everyone was specifically warned at the final rehearsal the day before to remember the time change, and not to come late.

And Sunday evening Dave came over to watch with me Mario Van Peebles' Badasssss! with the commentary by Mario and his father Melvin Van Peebles. This was one of the best movies of 2003, a docu-drama of how Melvin, one of the very few black director's in Hollywood at the time, made Sweet Sweetback's Badass Song in 1971, the first film where a black man got to punch The Man in the face and get away with it. Mario (who as a kid was on the set the whole time) played his dad in the movie, and the commentary with the tw of them was priceless, it's a real must-see for anyone interested in how films can get made over all obstacles.

All in all, a good weekend.
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