Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons


I think davemerrill has put it best:

We're at that time of the year when the snow has ceased to be indicative of a winter wonderland and instead is a cheerless, smothering blanket of oppression and pain, bringing despair and horror to millions trapped in its icy grip.

There's nowhere to put the snow that's falling now and will fall tomorrow. We have a huge mound in the front yard with an icy crust, and anything we throw on it is going to just roll off.

Anyway, recently Janet and I attended a showing by the U of T East Asian Film Club, which I've been trying to go to for months but kept missing due to their habit of only posting showing a few days before they have them. They were showing a recent Jet Li movie, Warlords. I ended up agreeing with the Love HK Film review, in that it's was big, loud, and entertaining, but kind of hollow. Janet noticed that we were the only round-eyes in the place.

Last Saturday I dropped into Irwin and Lisa in the afternoon, then scurried to the nearby GO train station to meet up with marinav and ionelv for the Settler's of Catan night in Oakville. I did much better in the game of Settler's I played this time than last, and I've got to work the strategy more in Carcassonne. I've also got to try and be a little less competitive, although it's tough when people insist on taking five minutes to make a move.

Last Sunday I was at moon_custafer and green_trilobite's place for their Jimmy Cagney Film Festival. I have never seen Roaring Twenties, Public Enemy, and yes, not even White Heat so I really enjoyed it.

And Bob McDonald had a book launch at U of T this week as well, a well attended event. Didn't get the book as flipping thru it I already knew most of it, but Bob is always entertaining to hear speak. But there's always a guy in the Q&A who thinks he's so much smarter that he is, and spends five minutes asking a question he think is profound but it actually just dumb. If only I could destroy all the dumb people. What a wonderful world that would be.
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