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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Feeling Fine

Had my more-or-less annual physical yesterday and all is well. My blood pressure is still nice and low and everything else is as it should be. Have to wait a week or so for the blood work to see how my cholesterol is doing.

We're going to get bonuses here at work shortly, for the first time in two years (Yay!). The only down side is that we're getting them as company stock, so first the tax implications have to be worked out, and then I have to sell the stock if I just want the cash, which I do. A cheque would be so much easier.

I've very close to convincing myself to get a Eee PC when the money comes thru. This gadget is like a stripped down laptop. It's the size of a large hardcover and completely solid-state (flash memory), built in wireless modem, runs Linux, and comes with several built-in software packages. I'm not looking to play Bioshock or watch movies when I'm on the go, and the fact I can easily fit this gadget into my knapsack, rather then having to carry another bag around, is a big selling point. A couple of friends of mine have one of these and really like them.

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convincing myself to get a Eee PC

Positively reviewed by Stephen Fry! (Who is apparently off with a broken arm for the time being.)

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