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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Suspect Video Update

Learned today that the main office for both Suspect outlets (Queen and Mervish) was in the Queen store, so it was a lot more than just a store full of stock they lost. Dunno how badly this is going to affect their remaining store, but I need to stop by there and rent or buy something.

UPDATE: Spacing.ca has a picture of all the people talking pictures of the fire. Dunno how I feel about that.

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I'm inclined to take the view that most of the photographers were acting out of a sense they were in some way helping by documenting the event, and making sure it didn't go unnoticed or become quickly forgotten; though it sounds as though several of them had mixed feelings themselves, and one wondered on-line how war reporters, etc, cope. Which is a healthy attitude, really.

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