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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Weekend Update

Busy weekend. Saturday was the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Merril Collection (attended by moon_custafer, green_trilobite, and torfindra among others). The Friends had a very good year of events in 2007. Long time board member Ted Brown stepped down, and will be replaced as president by Chris Szego of bakkaphoenix. I'm staying on as secretary (and Flea Market organizer), and green_trilobite and Member at Large and photographer.

I think the Friends are a very good cause and ask people to think about signing up.

After the meeting I had to zip back to my place, as I was having some friends over for a day of watching Hong Kong movies (we really do need more weekends each year) and had to be there to let them in. We saw the Stephen Chow 007 rip-off From Beijing with Love, the Jet Li action flick My Father is a Hero and the way over the top sword and sorcery epic A Chinese Ghost Story. A good time was had by all.

Sunday my brother and I helped davemerrill and dwinghy in their move into a new condo, in the Toy Factory Lofts downtown. The building is the old Irwin Toy Factory (and was apparently never secretly used by The Joker) and all the units are named after games. davemerrill and dwinghy are in one of the "Operation" units, but their welcome to the building gift was a game of Monopoly. Someone screwed up.

Anyway, they were supposed to move last weekend and had arranged for a mover (they (i.e. Dave) have quite the collection of books, comics, VHS tapes, toys, etc) but the building told them mere days beforehand that their unit wasn't going to be ready in time, so the move got delayed a week and they lost the mover. So Dave had to rent a van and they did it themselves, starting on the snowy Friday which threw a serious crimp in their plans. Anyway, Dave and I showed up on Sunday at about 1 PM, and over the day we got three van-and-car loads over to the new place, all the bulky stuff (beds, other furniture) and a lot of the boxes. I got home at 10:30 PM and was seriously pooped the next day as well, I can't imagine how tired Dave and Shaindle were as they still had a couple of car trips to make.

Having to haul all that stuff inspired me to clean out my closet Monday night and get rid of a lot of the crap in there, that I hadn't touched for years and was never going to. The trash truck hadn't come by the time I left for work this morning, but half the stuff was already gone. If the scroungers can find a use of that stuff, more power to them.

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Again, many orders of magnitude thanks for the assistance on Sunday.

Shain did all the van rental work, actually.

Glad to join the group.

BTW, forgive Amy and myself for not being able to attend the Hong Kong movie night. David informed me of it but family plans that night had slipped my mind.

are in one of the "Operation" units, but their welcome to the building gift was a game of Monopoly. Someone screwed up.

Screwed up, or made sure they didn't get one of the Joker's deadly "Operation" booby-traps? He really hates it when he loses a potential hide-out.

There's a current mini from DC called "Salvation Run" where the government is quietly dumping all the supervillians on an uninhabited planet far from Earth. Best moment in it is when the Joker breaks away from the main pack and leads his followers off saying "There's got to be an abandoned playing-card factory around here somewhere."

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