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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Picking a new razor

This is getting scary, the comic Basic Instructions seems to be paralleling my life lately, as I just had to go thru the buying a new razor experience.

I've been using the razor I got in a U of T enrolment package many moons ago, so the Schick company certainly got their money's worth out of that promotion. About two years ago, I found that my razor, a double blade, was being discontinued. BUT, Shopper's then put the packages of blades on at half-price to clear them out. I got every package I could find, and I've been using these blades in defiance of the never-ending escalation of the number of blades and gimmicks (vibrating heads?) that they've been sticking into razors.

But, I finally ran out of blades, and I've had to entrust my face to a brand new triple blade that, honestly, does seem to shave closer. And I haven't cut myself yet. Still, it's early days.

UPDATE: From Wikipedia:

In response to the arms race between Schick and Gillette, a new variation of technological singularity has ironically been proposed[1]. After the invention of the safety razor, it took 75 years for the second blade to be added, then only 15 for the third, and one for the fourth and fifth. Using static analysis,this perfectly matches a hyperbolic curve which reaches infinity in 2015, predicting therefore that by then razors will have an infinite number of blades

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Coming to a theatre near you "Blade Infinity". :P

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