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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Spent the weekend up in Huntsville visiting Karen. There's a *lot* more snow up there than down here. We managed to complete the Puzz-3D of Anif Castle in Austria (which I bought up) about three hours before I had to go catch my bus, so at least we got to admire it for a little while.

You know, I'm more and more impressed with the current crop of Puzz-3Ds. They're getting more detailed and more stable all the time. You can drop this one from head height and it'll land with not a turret out of place.

And thank gnu Karen has managed to get broadband at her place (had to go with satellite) so i didn't have to go without Runescape all weekend.

In other news, check out Sleeveface!.

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Okay, Sleeveface is funny...

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