Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons


Stayed up way too late last night playing Runescape. Haven't done that with a computer game for a while.

Runescape is a online fantasy game. Unlike most of them where the economy is based solely on hitting people and stealing their stuff, in Runescape you can fish, craft and cook dozens of items, build your own house, run a farm, and yes hit people and steal their stuff. I'm really enjoying the variety it offers. right now I'm putting my character thru an obstacle course run by drill sergeant gnomes to increase my Agility points, which you need to climb walls, wiggle thru caves, and run longer distances.

Joel has been playing this game for five years now, and is about a hundred levels above me. He showed me his mansion last night, complete with observatory, boxing ring (I couldn't even lay a glove on him) and butler.

Continuing the game theme, today's Basic Instructions sums up my philosophy towards buying games perfectly.
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