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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Recent goings-on

Recent fun (and not so) stuff has been...

Had Janet over last week to watch Shackleton with Kenneth Branagh. Wonderful made-for-TV movie about the Antarctic explorer. A&E used to make all sorts of great original programming (this movie, Horatio Hornblower, Nero Wolfe (with Maury Chaykin), heck even 100 Center Street) but Shackleton was about their last production. When they lost Law and Order reruns to Bravo the heart seemed to go out of them.

Was at Gallery TPW for the opening of Wha Happened? an exhibition by the people behind PiETa at Nuit Blanche this year (ET bringing Yoda back to life, see the website for an image from it). Gallery openings was usually fun, and you get free food out of it (sushi this time!), but I really do recommend this show for the exhibits, they are amazing fusions of pop culture and mass media images. Plus there's an essay available on What It All Means, which helps a lot. The Munich Terrorist looming over the display area from a balcony was creeping me out the whole time I was there. The show runs till Feb. 9 and the gallery is at 56 Ossington, just north of Queen.

Stopped by The Central to see The River Pilots, who I rather like, but half of them were sick that night. The remaining two had some fill-in people, but it wasn't my cup of tea.

Saturday involved a lot of running around. First, I had to track down some VHS head cleaner, as my ongoing project of copying old VHS to DVD involves putting old VHS tapes in the VCR, and one of them gumming up the heads. I had to go from store to store, being told that "Gee, VHS head cleaner is getting tough to get", but Honest Ed's came thru for me.

Later that afternoon green_trilobite and moon_custafer had an open-house at their place for the board of the Friends of the Merril. With tea and little sandwiches. Very civilized indeed.

In the early evening I got the GO train out to Oakville to meet up with marinav and ionelv and attend a board-game night. This was my first time playing the expanded version of Settlers of Catan (and I got completely creamed, scarcely got any decent cards at all), but had a much better time with Carcassonne. That was a great evening, having to wait 30 minutes for the GO train on my trip back home notwithstanding.

Sunday was an Anime North meeting, which was the usual semi-controlled chaos, but I think a lot got done. Dave came over in the evening so we could unwind with Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (the 2003 version), and it's direct sequel Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S., which most people rag on but I which think is one of the best of the Godzilla movies. It's even got Mothra!

And Happy Birthdays Janet, angrykat, and agincourtgirl!