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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Weekend Update

Saturday I found myself back at kelpqueen's for the evening, as she was hosting a going-away party for Amanda, who like agincourtgirl is off to London, England Tuesday morning to pursue career options there. All the best Amanda!

And kudos to kelpqueen for having two parties at her place less than a week apart. Although as she said she had to clean the house for the first one, and then just touch up again a few days later.

My place looked like a bomb went off for most of the week, but it's looking a bit better now. I've been working on transferring my old VHS to DVD, and have a good pile of old tapes to get rid of come trash day this week. I've also got a new bookcase up where the VHS used to be, so all my Box Sets are actually off the floor for the first time ever. And I managed to bring two bags of books into BMV so my shelves look a bit better too. Even managed to exercise and get my hair cut.