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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Gym worries

I've had two gyms vanish out from under me, and I'm getting a bit worried about my current one.

I go to the gym primarily for the cardio on the StairMaster. Because the resistance settings on the machine in my gym tend to vary significantly from machine to machine, I always try to use the same machine when I can. Last winter and spring, I couldn't always do this, sometimes "my" machine would be in use by someone else.

I was rarely in the gym during the summer and fall because I was riding all the time instead, but in the last several weeks since I started going back regularly again, I've *never* had a problem getting my machine. Frankly, there haven't been many people in the gym at all. Fortunately, I decided when i signed up at this place to pay month-by-month, instead of a yearly membership, so if they do go under I won't be out any money. But it would be really annoying.