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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Weekend Update

Friday saw The Toronto Jazz Orchestra at the Music Gallery. Almost missed them because I couldn't seem to remember just where the Music Gallery was and paced frantically around downtown until the landmarks sorted out in my head and I got one of the last tickets. They were performing the music from West Side Story, which I've never seen but which I quite enjoyed. and the finger food was good too.

Saturday was the Xmas Cream Tea of the Friends of the Merril Collection, and it was one of the best we've had in years. There was a great turnout, Dave Nickel and Karl Schroeder did a joint reading of their evil Xmas story The Toy Mill, and the new caterer was a step up class-wise (goblets and fancier tablecloths). Annette, one of the librarians there, had broken out the UFO she had created a few years ago (seen in the close encounter my brother and I are having in my new icon, courtesy of green_trilobite).

In the evening I had my brother, davemerrill, and dwinghy over to my place for some Chinese food and a viewing of Paprika, which davemerrill and dwinghy had not yet seen. It's Satoshi Kon's latest anime movie, about a female research psychologist involved in a project to develop a device that permits the entering of patients dreams. It plays his usual games with reality, and is visually astonishing as well. Go rent it.

Sunday I got some overdue Xmas shopping in, taking a swing thru TYPE books (which I like more and more each time I go there), Bakka, the Silver Snail, Pages Bookstore, and places in between. Still have a serious amount to complete, but pleased with my progress. Didn't get to exercise due to a slight headache all day and a late start, have to make it up this week.