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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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One Minute Film Festival

My friends Joel and Melanie are volunteers for the One Minute Film Festival, which was held last Thursday, and as it sounded like fun I had volunteered as well.

After getting my free t-shirt, I got put on clicker-counter duty, counting everyone who came in in case we got a full house. This had happened last year, but last Thursday was the first bad snow of the year, and when I was on the subway on my way to the Bloor Cinema (where it was being held) the power went off. Fortunately, the train was at Ossington so I could easily walk the rest of the way, but they had a shuttle bus going for a while, and these two factors likely reduced the turnout. Still there was a pretty good crowd. I got off duty just in time for the start of the show.

If you're dealing with a one minute film, you are mostly going to get jokes (and there were some good ones) and experimental films (which are often confusing and tedious, even for one minute). I most appreciated the ones which tried to tell some story, as it takes real craft to do that with the time allotted. Something like two guys ragging on Dave Foley sitting in a cafe (yes the real Dave Foley) was pretty funny, but it was hardly high-concept.

After-party was at the Central, where I indulged in two free drinks. Wanton of me, I know.