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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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The South dries up

I'm becoming an addict to the Atlanta Water Shortage page, which chronicles the woes of drought-stricken Georgia.

In particular, I'm watching the Lake Lanier Countdown. Lake Lanier is the source of most of the drinking water in the area. It's already hit a historic low, and in about 90 days at current rates it'll drain down to the "dead zone", the level where the water is unoxygenated and will require a lot more treatment if they want to use it.

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Believe me, some of those people should've dried up years ago.

We'll take some pictures for you when we're down there for Xmas.

My plan is for everybody driving down from the north to just load buckets and bins in their cars up with snow, and when they get to Lake Lanier, just dump it in.

This isn't one of your Hiawatha scenic piney blue-water lakes, either, it was built in the 50s as part of a Corps Of Engineers project and it's always been muddy, surrounded by north Georgia hicks and bass-fishing fanatics, and full of jet-skis. Conventional wisdom was that it would be silted in by 2020 or thereabouts, anyway...

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