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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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It's Snowing!!

Got wet snow falling outside my window.

Not only is this awful in it's own right, it reinforces that I really need a intermediate coat. The one I have with me right now is too light and I'll be shivering on my way home, and the other one I have is still too heavy for this time of year. Gotta do some shopping on the weekend.

The hardest thing about getting a coat is finding one that you like with an inside pocket big enough to hold a large paperback or folded magazine. Can't ever risk being without reading material.

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A friend of mine suffered from the same thing.... he went down to Mountain Equipment Coop, and got a coat with linings that came out, etc. and had many pockets. It cost him a fair amount, but he's had it for like 15 years and it's still in good shape...

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