Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

My Sister

My sister Susan is in Toronto for a few days, and my brother and I got together with her for dinner last night.

Susan's an anaesthetist in St. John's, and she's on the board of the National Society for Anaesthetists as a financial officer (she just oversees, she doesn't have to actually do book-keeping) and she's on the national exam board as well. She's in town for a series of meetings related to the first, and she actually had two meetings yesterday between arriving at Pearson at about 1:30 PM, and meeting Dave and me at 6:30 PM. She's got 7:30 AM meetings the next two days, one of them in Mississauga, and is hoping to be able to drop by Sunnybrook where they have an anaesthetist simulator, an instrumented dummy that "reacts" appropriately. They have one of these in St. John's, but it's never worked quite right, so she's hoping to get some pointers.

But with all this running around she has to do it was really great to get together with her for a few hours. In any case, Dave and I owed her a good dinner for all the BBQ we ate at her place when we were visiting two months back.
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