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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Death Note

According to the YTV listings, they're going to start showing Death Note this Friday at 10 PM. They originally were going to starting showing it in early September, but pulled it at the last minute for some reason.

Maybe they just got cold feet. They have shown seriously nihilistic anime before in the late night slot (like Witch Hunter Robin) but Death Note takes it to a whole new level. Its protagonist makes Dexter look like a litterbug.

The show starts with a Japanese God of Death accidentally-on-purpose dropping his Death Note on Earth, where its found by Light, a brilliant young sociopath. If you write someone's name in the notebook while visualizing their face, that person will die of a heart attack in 40 seconds. It you specify details of the person death (they get hit by a car at 4 PM Tuesday) it will happen if physically possible. Our "hero" decided to create a better world by using the Death Note to wipe out organized crime and notorious killers on a worldwide level. Once everyone realizes their crimes will have fatal consequences, they'll have no choice but clean up their acts.

But he's opposed by an equally brilliant and anonymous detective known only as "L", who has all the resources of the world's police at his command, who Light can't spot because he doesn't know how he is. The story was originally 12 volumes of astonishing manga, a cat and mouse game with a new twist following every turn. If YTV manages to show it this time, I'll be very interested in how the anime version holds up.

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handful_ofdust is a huge fan; I've never seen it, so I only know about it from her, but I like the character of L already.

Saw the first episode, it's very true to the manga.

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