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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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The ROM Crystal

Sent to me by my brother, here's on article on the problems the ROM is having with the new Crystal, which include water leaks, considerable window-cleaning costs, kids running up the sloping walls, and the needs for blinds to reduce the amount of damaging sunlight getting in. Money Quote:

"Daniel didn't design this building based on the collections," said Mr.Rahimi (director of gallery development). "We had to design the collections to go with the building."

The ROM Board went with the vanity exercise and it's other people who end up paying the price.

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Can I tell you how not surprised I am?

And it's DAMN UGLY anyway, and I'm the one with a collection of coloured glass.

Sounds like the same situation they have with the High Museum Of Art in Atlanta, it's a swell building that's completely unsuited to the display of visual artworks.

That's odd... I wonder if the Planetarium ever had water leaks or walls <45° to the horizontal.

I'm sure the Planetarium design had a long history of very similiar buildings to draw upon. At one point in the Crystal's construction they weren't sure if it could stand up or not.

This reminds me of some of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs: aestethically pleasing, but engineering and maintenance nightmares. I think that's what you get nearly every time when you allow form primacy over function.

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