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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Mmmmm... Steak!

My brother took me out to the Keg Mansion on the weekend for some steak to buoy my spirits following my being laid off. Actually, my spirits are fine, but hey, it's steak!

The Keg Mansion (on Wellesley) doesn't take reservations. When they're busy, which is always, when you show up you go on the list and they give you this pager built into a coaster, so you can go upstairs to the bar and hang out. When a table becomes available they page you, so you don't have to stand around in the lobby waiting.

To take full advantage of this system, whenever Dave and I eat there we alternate one of us arriving first and starting to wait, with the other showing up 30 minutes later, when a table generally becomes available. So we get to eat without spending too much time in each other company.

This time we ended up waiting about an hour and twenty minutes before we got a table, so thank God for the bread. However, because of the long wait they gave us dessert free! So thanks, Dave, for the meal.