Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

Crappity Crap Crap

Sunday morning I got up at 8 AM as I was going on a ride with the bike club, got myself together, went out to the garage, and found that my bike wasn't here.

And it turns out it wasn't anywhere. It had, in fact, been stolen.

After a lot of swearing I talked to Ralph and Michelle, who have the upstairs apartment, as I had not been out to the garage for a good five days. Michelle had seen my bike on Friday when she went out. The doors to the garage all looked OK, but Michelle and Ralph had told me before that on one or two occasions in the past, they had gone out to the garage and found the door open. They think that one of the auto garage door openers we all have got pressed accidentally in the house. Now, I keep mine exclusively in my saddle bags,which I keep indoors and hadn't touched in days, so I know it wasn't me. M&R pretty much admitted that if the theft was the result of human error (which it looks like it was) it was likely a mistake on their part. So, they have at least offered to pay a part of my new bike. Michelle's had also been in the garage at the time, but I guess there was only one thief, and he took the nicer bike.

So after I calmed down, rather than waste what good biking weather I'm going to get in the fall, I went down to Duke's where I got the bike in the first place, and found one practically equivalent to the one I had (I really wanted a white one again, but that would involve waiting likely a month for them to come in so I settled for red). They even knocked some of the price off because a) my previous bike from them had had a persistent small problem with the gearing and b) they felt sorry for me. I rode out of there soon after, and will be billing M&R for half of it.

New procedures are now being implemented. There's a long ladder stored in the garage, and from now on all bikes will be locked to that. Also, I will now require the garage door openers to have their settings switch on the bottom flipped to another setting when not in use, so they won't work at all, and will be doing random spot checks on M&R to make sure they're doing it to.

I'm still pretty pissed, but it's just a little money and it's not like I'll be eating baloney and tomato soup for a month.

I went for a long ride Sunday afternoon/evening then to cool off, and dropped by Irwin and Lisa's place.

Rest of the weekend was fun. Friday evening was jack_yoniga's book launch at the Victory Cafe which was a big success for him (with kelpqueen and many others there as well). Saturday I spent the morning and early afternoon helping Janet and Aaron with their move, getting all of Janet's stuff in the truck (a long process as everything had to go *just so*) at one location and unloading it at the other. Way too many stairs involved.

The rest of Saturday found my brother and I at green_trilobite's and moon_custafer's place, as they had re-started their "Tangent Movie" series (after you watch an initial movie, the next one you watch is decided upon by how many links, the more obscure the better, you can draw between the two films). The day had started with Night of the Hunter going into The Shining (arrived half-way thru), then Kung-Fu Hustle leading into Superman Returns. green_trilobite hadn't had one of these days in about two year's, due to long-time moving plans and other items, so it was great that he's starting them up again.
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