March 28th, 2011


Haven't posted here in a while, will try and do better...

Saturday on me way back from getting some groceries I ran into the Liberal candidate for Trinity-Spadina, Christine Innes knocking on doors on Shaw Street, and talked with her for a bit. I saw her last election at the All Candidate meeting and was very impressed with her, and still was after speaking with her. Trinity-Spadina is currently represented by Olivia Chow, and likely has more progressive candidates than it really needs, so I'm going to have to think hard about who to vote for. The Bloc has turned into such a spoiler in Quebec that it's tough to see anyone getting a majority in the near future, but I do want the Liberals to make a better showing of it this time than last. Even if the Conservatives get back in with a minority I think it's likely we've seen the last of Harper, it'll be clear to the rest of the Tories than he can't deliver a majority and the knives will start to come out.