January 2nd, 2011

Holiday Report

A good holiday that's unfortunately now over.

Started on Xmas Eve with dinner with my brother, moon_custafer and green_trilobite, and the Peter Cushing version of the Sherlock Holmes story The Blue Carbuncle (which takes place at Xmas). On Xmas day Dave came over with a bag of junk food, I had previously gotten a chicken and some vegetables for dinner, and we watched all 26 episodes of the anime series Gurren Lagaan (skipping the recap episode), which took about 10.5 hours in all. It was a great series and a lot of fun. It starts out as a wacky giant robot show in the first half, and turns into a sprawling Doc E.E. Smith SF Opera in the second half.

My Boxing Week shopping consisted of an expedition to IKEA, which thanks to the crowds took about twice as long as I hoped. But I came away with a new couch and coffee table, which was delivered very promptly the next morning and assembled with some effort that evening. The old ones are still in front of my house hoping to be carted away.

Managed to reshelf all my books, and took a bankers box full of old ones to BMV, which took about half of them. Took the rest to the Reference Library to dump in the book donations box. Got some serious cleaning of my place done as well, which I'm very pleased of accomplishing.

Saw The King's Speech again with some friends (totally worth seeing twice). Also saw Barney's Version (Cancon alert!) with some others. A pretty good film with a great cast, I think there's a rule that any film shot in Montreal has to have Saul Rubinak in it.

kelpqueen's New Year's Eve party was the social event of the season as always, and for once it wasn't snowing that night (it was astonishingly mild). She had a Mad Men theme this year, so I found a lounge jacket in the back of my closet that got a lot of compliments (for reasons I can't understand). It was a great time with a great crowd, and I got home very late.

And it's back to work tomorrow (it was agreed that we'd take the Friday as the statutory holiday so to reduce the number of vacation days needed between Xmas and New Year's). Happy 2011 everyone!