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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Amazon needs to get a clue

Amazon.ca is sending me emails saying more or less "You purchased the Fruits Basket Box Set! We thought people who did that might be interested in buying the individual DVDs that came in the Box Set!"

I've got to get into the customer settings and turn these emails off.

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If you generally don't mind the emails but think they're being stupid about one recommendation in particular, there's a ticky box on the other Amazons at least for excluding any given book/CD/DVD from consideration when sending you recommendations.

That's more stupid (tho' less funny) than one I heard about online, where someone got Amazoned along the lines of "You'd probably like this all-male bodice-ripper about gay 18th-century pirates!' Which was more or less true, but since they hadn't been getting their slashfic from Amazon, the question was "How did they know!?"

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