Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

Film Festival and Cycling

This year Dave and I decided to buy a 10-ticket book each for the Film Festival, instead of splitting a single one as we've done before, as we each always end up seeing at least 10 movies. But trying to assembly my film list was a nightmare this year. The tool on the TIFF website that lets you select films you're interested in was barely working at all right up to the evening before the ticket forms needed to be handed it. It was listing films you selected in random order instead of chronological, movies I had saved to the list vanished, and I had to go back and select them again (if I could remember them), and then I couldn't log in at all. It finally started working reliably Thursday night. It's been much better in past years.

Because I had just put the final touches on my current project, I decided to take last Friday off and make a four-day weekend of it. So I was free to drop of mine and Dave's tickets orders. They had to be in by 1 PM, and due to me being lazy I got down to the Box Office about 12:10 PM, and the orders went into Box 66. They fill up boxes from 1 to 75 with tickets orders, select a number at random, and start processing from that box. If you're in an early box, you'll get all your movies. The further you are from the start, the more likely that you're 1st choice film will be sold out and you'll have to get your 2nd choice films. In the past I've averaged three 1st choices out of five, but this year Box 66 was the number that came up, so Dave and I both got all 10 of our movies! That makes up a lot for all the trouble.

The rest of the Labour Day weekend was pretty quiet. Saturday I got some cycling in on the Don Valley trail, Sunday had brunch with some friends, and Monday devoted completely to cycling. I rode down to Oakville and back to have lunch with marinav and her husband, putting in a total of 104 kilometres over the day, a new record. I was pretty tired when I got back, and still kind of tired the next day, but I wasn't really sore after it all.

Also, I appreciate now just how much better a good bike is. After lunch, I rode with marinav and her husband for a bit, and while marinav was pedalling the whole time on her Canadian Tire $120 bike, I would pedal for a few turns, then coast for a bit, then pedal again, keeping pace with her. When we were going downhill for a stretch, I was steadily gaining on her without touching the pedals at all!
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