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Last weekend was the 40th birthday of my friend Joel. To celebrate he had a bit of a get-together at his place (which is also Sandra's old place, nice to see it again), and Sunday there was another get-together for a Blue Jays game. I see a ball game about every four years so I was due for one.

Joel had reserved a ticket for me, but it took them a couple of tries to find it at the box office, I was running late and getting worried I wouldn't be able to find them at all. Joel (who has a season ticket) likes to sit in the high seats right behind the plate. The Dome is pretty steep up there, but you've got a solid handrail in front of you, and it does result in a complete unobstructed view of the field, which persistently looked like the video game to me.

Anyway, the game was Toronto vs. Seattle. Both sides had strong pitchers (Halliday vs. Hernandez) and the first four innings went past bam-bam-bam with only one hit the whole time. Then in the fifth Toronto gets guys on second and third! Seattle walks a guy to load the bases! A double brings home two runs! A HOME RUN brings home three! (Joel: Hernandez is good but he can get rattled). Jays went on to score three more runs (and two more home runs) to end the day 8-0. I think the Jays have won every game I've seen.

Oh, and on hour in to the game, Joel's girlfriend Melanie (who we had been expecting but by this time had assumed she decided to sleep in) shows up, having been searching for us for an hour. The box office lost her ticket as well, never turned it up, and ended up offering her a complimentary really good ticket (as Joel, who's name she dropped, was a season ticket holder). But she didn't want to sit down there alone. We did check the seat out after the game. Joel isn't happy with the box office right now.

Sunday evening was a fund raiser at the Central for the play my friend MK is putting on at Summerworks, Kingship De Facto, six shows from August 4th to the 12th. Some good music and it seemed to go quite well.

Monday I saw Kwaiden at Cinematheque, a quartet of Japanese horror tales. Very moody and atmospheric, but a little lean on plot. The moral seemed to be that ghosts will screw with you for no real reason, and if you're lucky you'll only end up minus a body part or two. I reserved my ticket on-line that afternoon, poor Dave showed up at the door but they were sold out.

Tuesday met Rebecca at Yonge-Dundas Square for the outdoor showing of Blade Runner. Huge crowd there, biggest I've seen. All the chairs were full and plenty of people were sitting on the concrete on the side and at the front. Some had bought mats, one guy was lying down with a 2-liter bottle of 7-Up under his head. Hadn't seen Blade Runner for years but it still rocks. Roy in the real protagonist of the piece (once you get past his murdering people), all Deckard really does is wander around and get the crap beaten out of him. But why did Roy have to kill poor JB?
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