Donald Simmons (theengineer) wrote,
Donald Simmons

The Weekend

Arghh, falling behind again.

A good weekend. Friday I was at the Center for Inquiry for a talk by Joe Nickell, once a professional magician and Pinkerton detective, now an investigator into the paranormal. He started off by saying tha the doesn't like the term "debunker" as it implies that you have already made up your mind, he's an "investigator". He also says that about 99.999% of everything he's looked at has rational explanations, and the reminder is personal anecdote that impossible to confirm/deny.

It was a great talk (check out he many books in the library), but the best thing was at the end when he told us that in 2003 he found that he had a grown daughter and two grandkids from a relationship 30 years ago that he knew nothing about. He's now married to the girl's mother, but in 30 year of going to astrologers, palm-readers, fortune-tellers of every sort, not one every told him he had a daughter, and that would have been nice to know.

Saturday was uber-busy. First off I went to this year's Red vs. Blue in TO event, in order to watch Season Five. This year's was a considerable let-down from the previous two years, which were held in a large auditorium at Ryerson with a lot of professional touches. The people who were responsible for all that must no longer be associated with the event, as this year was held in a much smaller room, without chairs. Yes we all had to sit on the floor to watch the video. While the show is still great, this year's event will likely be my last.

After that I got over the Irwin and Lisa's for their bi-monthly get together, and saw the final two episodes of the third season of Doctor Who, which unfortunately has been spoiled for me at Polaris Con (more on that later). I'm going to have to start downloading Doctor Who episodes starting next year, as too many people see them now before I do, and it's impossible to avoid spoilers.

After that I raced back to U of T to see The Lord of the Rings: The Musical The Musical, part of the Fringe Festival. Got there just as the show was starting and I'm glad I did. Claiming to be the story of how the ill-fated LotR:TM came to pass, it pokes fun at Kevin Wallace (the producer), David Miller, Ed Mirvish, and nerds in general. The song "The Nerds Will Come" when Wallace sells the idea for the show to Miller was a particular highlight.

And Sunday I took off to go bike riding. Left home at 10:30 AM and headed west along the Waterfront Trail. Stopped for lunch at Coronation Park in Oakville, and when I got home at 4:30 PM I had ridden a total of 98.3 km! Easily my longest ride to date. I was pretty pooped last night, but aside from being a little stiff I'm feeling pretty good today.
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