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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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More cycling

I may be turning into a bikin' fool. I got out of work early yesterday and decided to do some cycling on the Toronto Islands. I made a side trip to the Beguiling first, and then decided I could just work my way down to the lakeshore on the side streets, instead of taking one of my usual routes south, which I judged would take longer. BAD IDEA. I should know by now that it's nearly impossible to get under the Gardiner without risking your life except at a couple of spots. I'm sure I ended up taking longer getting trapped in dead ends or streets so car packed I didn't dared try them.

Anyway, once I got there I caught a nearly empty ferry with literally seconds to spare, and then spent an hour or so zooming around in high gear from one end of the island to the other and back with scarcely a person in sight. The Island in the evenings would be a great place to get some training in on, I may make a habit of that.

My friend Catherine is working with local composer, percussionist, instrument maker, sculptor, poet and playwright Barry Prophet on an interactive art installation on Center Island, so I checked out the hole that they've got dug (next step is pouring the foundation). It'll be a electronic instrument you'll control with the position of your body (apparently it'll be theremin like, but not exactly) and powered by a pair of exercise bikes hooked up to a generator. It's supposed to be set-up by the end of the month.

Also, found out the the Center Island ferry schedule is a big lie, it came in to take me back way later than it was supposed to, and as I didn't bother to take the lights for my bike with me when I left (figuring I'd be back in plenty of time before dark) I had a slightly hairy ride home. I hate being low visibility.