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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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When PlayMobile attacks!

Last night was short film night at the Eclectic Screening Room. It was a mixed bag all told, all the shorts had some pluses and minuses, but I did enjoy Ice Cold Heat, a parody of Canadian cop shows done entirely with PlayMobil. They ultimately ran the concept into the ground unfortunately (less is more people), but the strip club scene alone was worth the price of admission, as were the closing credits, which got smaller and smaller till the screen was filled with line after line of microscopic font. As Janet said "It was odd that everything was in German yet it was so recognizably Canadian".

Thanks to my exposure to owlfish I think I recognized some of the figures and certainly some of the props (the pirate set comes with manacles, right owlfish?)

The best other short was from 1975, when a group called Ant Farm sent a 59 Cadillac crashing thru a wall of burning TVs, pretty much just to see how many media outlets they could get to come out and film them doing it. Check out the link, it's worth it just to hear the speech by JFK, who introduced the event.

Unfortunately, the building the screening is in is right next to a fire station, so we get sirens periodically the whole evening.

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The Pirate Island comes with manacles, as have a few of the castle series, and the big Evil Queen with Panther set from several years back. Also, several of the police sets come with manacles. Strangely, I don't actually own any manacles myself.

(Neat film concept!)

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