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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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And Anime North is over for another year, Thank God. I'm pretty pleased with how things went. There's always stuff that goes wrong, but more big events started closer to when they were supposed to this year than ever before. The Masquerade was only 15 minutes late. Our big pop concert with the Japanese band ZiZi was about 35-40 minutes late, thanks to having to screen everyone going in for cameras, but it was a big success and the band was quite happy. Dealer's Room was packed, Artist Alley was packed, the Yaoi people were really happy (their Butler Cafe worked great, we're going to have a Maid Cafe next year), the costumed wrestling drew a big crowd, etc. etc.

And there were far fewer security events this year than ever before (not even one kid going astray, and then turning up 20 minutes later in the Dealer's Room, which is where we find them 95% of the time). There was one guys so drunk he fell down and we had to get an ambulance, but he turned out to be from a nearby wedding, not from the con. And we had two cars crack-up on the crosswalk right between the venues. I sort-of witnessed it, coming out the hotel door just as it happened, and I have a horrible few moments thinking that some attendee had tried to dart across the street and got run over. Our security people came out and helped direct traffic, and got a slap on the back from the Fire Department when they arrived. One driver was taken to the hospital, but I think it was more precautionary than anything else.

Preliminary paid attendance is 12,000 and change, when my brother has some time we'll have a more exact figure. Counting all the other warm bodies (dealers, artists, staff, performers) we're looking at 13,500 - 14,000 for the whole weekend. The increase in paid attendance is actually our smallest in about five years, it looks like we may finally be approaching our maximum size. Not that this is a bad thing, we've very likely approaching the maximum attendance we can comfortably handle without completely reorganizing how most things work.

And our staff and departments are finally catching up to our size as well. The problem with growing every year is that you scramble to find the people to get everything done. This year nearly all departments had sufficient people to get through the weekend (although we could always use a few more practically everywhere).

I think I'll be the rest of the week catching up on my sleep, and then I'll really have my life back.

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A normal maid cafe, or a males-crossdressing-as-maids cafe to match the females-cosplaying-as-butlers cafe?

Re: inquiring minds...

A maid cafe with girls. The guy in question who wants to put it together thinks the guys should have some equal time here.

Glad it went so well!

ZiZi has an interesting sound: almost like straight copy/paste of American pop/rock, hip-hop with some lyrics in Japanese strewn about. It's probably popular in Japan...

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