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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Emergency - Sandi Campney Contact Info

If anyone has a phone number where I can reach Sandi Campney, please let me know.

I arranged for World Horror (this weekend) to borrow Anime North's Art Show panels, but I forgot that the hooks needed for them aren't stored in our locker. World Horror hasn't been able to find any hooks that fit the boards. Sandi built them, and she can answer their questions about this.

UPDATE: I've talked to Sandi and we've got things figured out.

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Glad to see you got it figured out - I didn't see your email until about an hour ago, and I hadn't dug out her contact info yet.

I think I have extra hooks if you find yourself running out - I bought a couple of packages for Gaylaxicon, and I think they're still in one of the boxes I have here.

Thanks Lance. I've passed this onto Amanda just in case.

BTW, if you can find those hooks, Anime North will gladly purchase them from you.

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