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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Back in Toronto

Flew back into Toronto Friday night. I had a early flight out (7:40 AM) with a two hour stopover in San Francisco, so when I got to the airport I figured I'd get breakfast in SF, as the flight to Toronto was 4.5 hours with NO FOOD. (What does it take to be fed on an airport these days?). But we sit on the runway for an hour because of fog in SF, and when we get there we circle for 20 minutes while the fog clears. I have to dash to the first place I find, shovel some food down, and they jump on my flight. And I'm on the boring side of the plane for both the landing and take-off from San Francisco so I don't see a single interesting thing.

However, I got what I think was my best view ever of Toronto from the air. It was perfectly clear, everything was lit up below, and the plane flies by the entire city, from Mississauga practicually to Scarbrough before turning to land.

Most interesting thing that happened on the trip was the play I saw one night. It was Life is a Dream by the 17th century Spanish playwright Calderon. And it was amazing! The sets, costumes, staging was fabulous, I had a great seat, and cast was excellent, and when the King came out I thought "Holy crap. That looks like John de Lancie". When he had his first line I thought "Holy Crap! That IS John de Lancie!" And he was great too.

To top it off, afterwards most of the cast came out for a Q&A session that was very interesting. Unfortunately John didn't. He probably figured he'd just be asked about Star Trek.

And the Program Book was one of the best I've ever seen. Information on the time the play is set in, the playwright, notes on the translation and adaptation process, all just first rate stuff!

I keep thinking I need to see more live theatre. I just need to do it in this city.