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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Anime North - The Countdown

OK, now that 2007 is here, it's time to begin really work on planning for this year's con. But right now I think things are looking good.

For one thing, the main convention hotel, the Doubletree, is now completely sold out. Last year that didn't happen til the end of the January. Good thing we've got deals at five others.

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That's great news and I/m happy for the con :)

However I won't be there. I was asked by security er, special ops for help when I was trying to go home after another mess-up in communications and when I tried to play good samaritain and help out in a situation (after being yelled at to GET DOWN - I have their antics on video), I got sharted on after the fact. Yeah, no good deed goes unpunished, but my buddy Hotel Bill and I certainly had a good discussion or two.

Hopefully this year will be even better with fewer people needing operations to relieve their rectal-cranial inversions. Cheers :)

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