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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Overheard today at the Silver Snail

"Batman isn't Jewish!"

"What's the average life of an action figure in our house?"

"That's from the Angel episode where he turns into a puppet. It was the worst episode ever."

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(Deleted comment)
I was just thinking, "I hope theengineer smacked the guy upside the head." Great minds, once again, think alike. :)

Ahhh, it would have just turned into the Xander-Harmony slap fight.

I think my favourite was "well, OBVIOUSLY the alien was a bio- weapon designed by the elephant people, I mean an alien that bleeds acid? HELL-LOOOO?!"

"Batman isn't Jewish!"

How do they know this? I'm sure I've heard of Jewish people with the surname "Wayne" before. Or was the action figure anatomically correct and uncircumsized? ;)

I'm unsure of the context. Anyway, I always thought that Batman was raised Catholic due to the crushing parental guilt, the fact that Gothem City has all those cathedrals, and assuming Superman was raised Protestent (the whole Midwest thing) it plays into the Superman/Batman are opposites idea.

I'm so glad so much thought has gone into this!

The puppet episode of Angel is the only part of the entire Buffyverse that I like! Stupid Fox killing off Firefly...

Ever seen that hilarious-out-of-context scan of Batman standing over a baby menacingly while holding a knife? (The Riddler had stuffed a pingpong ball or something down the baby's throat, so...)

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