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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Booze Bonanza!

Tis' the season for all the hotels Anime North is using next year (which is a lot) to send me bottles of wine and fruit baskets (with bottles of wine), which I generally end up bringing to various Xmas and New Year's parties.

The Park Plaza caught me by surprise last week. Their new General Manager called me up and asked if he could bring it over himself to my workplace (which is a couple of minutes drive from the Convention hotels, very convenient) so he could introduce himself. When he came over he had with him the Sales Director, and the CEO of the parent company, which left me more than a little dumbsquizzled. But we chatted for a bit, and they fished around to see if we were thinking, since the con is so popular, of having it twice a year. I think my heartfelt "God, no!" put an end to that speculation.

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Well you could do it but you would need a duplicate concom to do it with.

ALthough I am not sure how it would fit into regional, national and international schedules.

Tell them we'll have the convention twice a year as soon as science invents a device that will instantly clone twins of each of us. ^_^

In the case of theengineer and his brother, twins of twins? :D

(Deleted comment)
In these days of cons being cancelled at a moment's notice...

What cons have done that?

Eastercon in the UK is having problems with hotels.

It was, but no more! The replacement con, Contemplation is alive and well!

Correct I should have said "Eastercon was having problems!"

LOL I doubt the Doubletree would be so thrilled by the prospect of being invaded by 10,000 psycho teenagers TWICE a year.

I dunno, they seem to be oddly fond of us. As long as our attendees don't start throwing hookers into the swimming pool I think we'll be fine.

Man, I wish you'd thrown that in one of your "message from the chair".

... so in closing, I hope that you all enjoy the convention that we've worked so hard on!

P.S. The hotel has requested that all guests refrain from throwing hookers into the swimming pool. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

I've had fans ask for two cons a year, but this is the first time I've heard of a hotel asking for it... on the other hand, AN fills that place like crazy on normally quiet weekends. It's pure gravy for the Park Plaza.

If there was another Anime North in November or December I don't think you'd wind up with two 10,000+ attendance conventions. Not everybody has the time or the money to attend two big weekend conventions a year. You'd be cannibalizing your own attendance, robbing peter to pay paul..

The Park Plaza and the Convention Center should be talking to the Paradise Comicon folks, try to talk them out of the CNE building.

I was hoping Con No Baka would turn out to be that November con, it really is a shame things turned out the way they did. I do think there's still a market for a con at that time of the year, but it'll likely be another while before anyone else tries it again,

Yeah, the fact that Con no Baka did as well as it did despite the ominous signs from Day 1 proves that there's a market for another weekend-long, hotel-based, fan-run anime con in Toronto.

Ha ha, a few years I was thinking it'd be funny to do a joke commercial for AN where we'd be discussing the feasibility of running some sort of second Anime North, with hotel availability being the key sticking issue. The solution, of course, would be to reveal that the wreck of a cruise liner on the floor of Lake Ontario had secretly been refurbished Yamato-style into a dedicated anime-convention-housing vessel, with virutally limitless capabilities... except for dealing with attack from below, of course.

Not that Anime North really needs to attract more people at the current location. 2008 is the first year the new TCC sections will be available, right?

I would have liked to have attended Con no Baka but unfortunately I fell sick that weekend. I heard that the final day was outright cancelled due to lack of attendance. I hope Con no Baka will come back.

By the way, this is Anne in Special Ops for AN, the twin of Amy (also in Spec Ops). Hope you don't mind that I friended your journal.

Yes, the plug was pulled on Con no Baka late Saturday evening when the hotel decided it didn't look like there were enough attendees to pay for the function space.

Con no Baka is dead and buried. Anyone starting up another Toronto anime con would do well to do everything possible to dissociate the new con from Con no Baka. (Although CnB's almost-anagram "Bacon Kon" would be a great name for a con, IMO.) "Con no Baka" has become shorthand for "disastrous failure". They were even making fun of it at the closing ceremonies at AC3 here in Ottawa.

2008 is the first year the new TCC sections will be available, right?

Yes. The new large halls should be ready late next year, the function rooms sometime in 2008.

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