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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Weekend Update

A busy couple of days. Friday I went to a book discussion on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy at the Secular Freethought Center, serving the needs of atheists, agnostics, humanists and skeptics. A good talk, and we played with the classic HHGttG Infocom adventure game that the BBC now has available on their website. This thing drove me nuts back in high school, could not figure out how to get the Bable Fish.

Did you know that Richard Dawkins gave quite a moving eulogy for Douglas Adams?

Later that evening met up with my brother for the grand re-opening of the Royal, which was showing the new Don McKeller movie Monkey Warfare. Quite good, if a little short (I think it's only about 70 minutes). They were charging $10 admission that night, but I hope the regular rate will be lower than that. They are plannning on showing a lot of Canadian movies there. The theatre looks much the same, except for the middle three rows of seats being gone, and a gigantic console (used for digital film editing, which will be going on during the day) in their place.

However, we had to cross a picket line to get in. The Projectionist Union was protesting out front, saying that Theatre D (who now own the Royal) are obligated to use a union projectionist, something Theatre D disputes (read the full details here). I really did want to be there the first night, but might steer clear until this is resolved.

Saturday attended the Serial Diners Xmas Party, along with moon_custafer, handful_ofdust, agincourtgirl and green_trilobite (among other non-LJ people). A fun evening, managed to disperse all the Xmas gifts I bought with me, and got not a bad haul in return! Xmas shopping went well this year, except a few days before the perfect item I got Janet (Supernatural Season One) my network of spies informed me had already been given to her by someone else. Fortunately, managed to snag something else for her, and traded the Supernatural for Reilly:Ace of Spies, which I really should had owed by now.

Speaking of Janet, went to hear her sing with her church choir at St. Anne's Sunday afternoon. By my untrained ear they sounded very fine, although Janet should have warned me they were a stealth choir. They assembled first in the back of the church while the organ was playing, and when they suddenly started singing I nearly jumped a pew. Afterwards some Japanese food with here and her sister. There's no shortage of sushi on either Bloor or College these days.

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Stealth choirs exist to sneak up on the atheist agnostic humanist skeptics! (which are you?).

Beware the stealth bell-ringers....

Stealth choirs exist to sneak up on the atheist agnostic humanist skeptics! (which are you?).

I'd be an atheist these days except I lack the moral courage required.

I guess it is kind of an all-or-nothing position. I suspect I'm a sort of Christian agnostic - I don't think it's possible to prove or disprove the existence of God, so I might as well believe. :)

There was a French philosopher who said that the only way you can get into trouble on the God issue was if there was a God and you didn't believe in him so you might as well play it safe.

Theological noodling for a Thursday afternoon

Yeah but God probably knows if you've been hedging your bets (and if s/he doesn't then s/he's not up to spec). I think it's more that if I think there are several options of what to believe in, I'm going for the one I find most entertaining. Frivolous, but honest, I hope.

The French guy's argument, in the form of the why-worry philosophy, *does* work well for the question of whether or not there's an afterlife - if there isn't one, you won't be around to find out about it, so you may as well assume there is. Though I find that as I get older I don't really care as much whether there is or not.

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