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What I've been up to (not much)

I made the decision to spend the week as a Gentleman of Leisure, and come Monday start getting my ducks in a row. It's so easy to let an entire day just slip away.

Anyway, last week I saw Metropolis at Cinematheque. I have to admit I've never seen it before. This version claims to include all the footage known to exist, and has additional title cards explains what happens in the missing bits. The modelwork is astonishing, and Dr. Rotvang is the template for all the mad scientists to follow. You just have to make allowances for the incredible overacting that was the norm for the period. You don't see that many male leads these days who collapse from emotional overexcitment about three times during the movie.

Also saw The 25th Hour this week with some friends. The plan was to see The Hours but it was sold out on Tuesday (must have been all those Golden Globes). This is another very good film. It takes a while to get going, but has a lot of impact by the end. I imagine everyone's heard about Edward Norton's rant against everyone in New York (which is an amazingly well-done scene), but these's another sequence where his two friends (Barry Pepper and Philip Seymour Hoffman) are discussing his "situation" against this very striking backdrop. I only realized at its end that it was a single five minute shot. Kudoes to the actors involved.

I'm used to reading my copies of The Economist and New Scientist on the way to work, so I'm already hopelessly behind. I'm going to have to stake out an hour each day to go out and have some coffee and just keep up with my reading.

I've also got to finish watch the anime I need to review for the next Rue Morgue. It's time I got on my ass and watched some TV!


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