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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Attended a fundraiser for the Music Gallery Sunday evening, consisting of a "supergroup" of performers from around the city put together to play compositions from invited artists, or to improvise based on ideas thrown at them.

Some of it verged too close to noise IMHO, but some of it I really liked. Atom Egoyan played a guitar, and Moses Znaimer introduced a klezmer piece written for him by friends. A spot in the show was auctioned off to the highest bidder in the audience, who requested an improv piece from the band based on her having two toddlers sixteen months apart, to be titled Waltz of the Panic-Stricken. It wasn't a waltz, but it was damned good. And the food was good to.

Also on the weekend got together with the brother, dwinghy, and davemerrill. Watched It! The Terror from Beyond Space, and some episodes of Space Ironman Kyodain, a completely insane Japanese live-action superhero show, which I now honor with my new icon.

Earth is being invaded by robots from the planet Dada (which believe me explains a lot about these guys.). They kidnap the Professor and his two older sons, leaving his six year old son behind. A year later the robots are attacking Earth in earnest when these two "brother" robots, Sky-Zero and Ground-Zero, show up and start saving the day. After they rescue the kid, they tell him they were built by his father to look after him, and contain the minds of this older brother, copied into robot bodies (no explanation of why they just can't come back to Earth, seeing as they must have escaped the Dadaordians somehow).

Sky-Zero and Ground-Zero can transform into a jet plane and car, respectively, which then "talk" sock puppet-wise, which is just as ludicrous as it sounds. They also "eat" robot fuel via funnels plugged into their hips, sort of a reverse colostomy.

The show's a huge amount of fun and I've got to get more episodes out of davemerrill.

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Great, now I have the theme song stuck in my head....

I'll put them on a DVD for you. Hey, we owe you for dinner, too.

A DVD would be great! You can repay me for dinner next time.

Space Ironman Kyodain

The way the brothers eat remind me of Kryten's "groinal attachment" from Red Dwarf.


A link for you - scroll down to the first inset film: "We will not go to Telos - it's rather a silly place."

Oh man, that's just too funny. Thanks!

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