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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Xmas in Toronto

After some thought and consultation with the brother and sister in Nfld., Dave and I have decided to stay in Toronto for Xmas this year, instead of going out to Nfld. This has been coming for a few years now, as over the holidays Danny and Susan are just so busy now with getting things ready for the kids, driving the kids around, and attending holidays parties themselves that Dave and I really don't see much of them at all. After talking with them, it was decided that it would be a lot less hassle for everyone if we came out for a visit in the spring or summer instead, when things are a lot less hectic and we can all get some serious face time together instead of a constant rush. And honestly it'll be a lot cheaper to fly out. And we won't have to worry about delays due to snowstorms.

Susan did frantically email me yesterday to see if there's any chance I could find a Wii for the nephew, but I think he's going to be out of luck. Unless one of you has an inside line.

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Will the kids mind not seeing their Uncles at Christmas? Such things often mean more to the kids than to the adults, of course.


Dave and I don't appear that high on their radar, trust me.

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