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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Week of the Arts

Last week was my Arts Appreciation Week.

It started out Monday with me going to the book launch of Jack Whyte's new book Knights of the Black and White, first of a trilogy about the Knights Templar. Whyte is likely best known for a series he did, A Dream of Eagles, which was all the backstory of the rise of King Arthur (the first book is about Arthur's grandfather, a Roman officer).

Whyte is a frustrating author for me, because his events are great. He goes into the history behind the events his books are about, what we know for sure, what is speculated, and what we don't know at all, and explains how his books (which are fiction) fit into the cracks. He's a wonderful, knowledgeable speaker. But I just don't like his books! His prose style just turns me off, he explains instead of shows, and his villains are EEEEVVVIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! I'll give this one a chance to see if he's improved, but I'll certainly get it from the library.

Thursday was a show launch at the Magic Pony on Queen Street, a neat little shop that sells little figures created solely to be collected by people. Joe Ledbetter was showing off paintings of strange bucktoothed little bears called "Teeters" who engage in bad behavior. I was really taken by a painting of a unicorn with a really bad attitude but $2250 was a little out of my impulse price range. Ran into moon_custafer and green_trilobite and went out to dinner afterwards.

Friday Myna Wallin was hosting the poetry evening at the I.V. Lounge. Which went quite well. The theme of the evening seemed to be male authors talking about animals, though Myna said that was pretty much coincidental.

And yesterday was the Small Press Fair, held at the Victory Cafe this year. My find of the day was The Roger Corman Scrapbook, which reviews every film he ever made, and came with a DVD of one of his earliest movies, Creature of the Haunted Sea, which the vendor assured me was in public domain.

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Oh, man, I had no idea there was a small press fair this weekend. I guess I need to get my local weekend info from someplace other than NOW.

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