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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Yesterday the Crown Prince of Belgium dropped by MDA. Apparent he's a big space geek and wanted to look around. MDA just lost a big contract with NASA (which sensibly decided that it really didn't need the piece of hardware in question) so they kicked out the red carpet. i dunno if they'll get any work out of it, I'm sure there are plenty of European high-tech companies that need to be propped up.

Spent last weekend up in Muskoka visiting Karen. I took up a new Puzz-3D, a Spitfire that's two feet long. We got it together over the weekend and it was way cool. They've got snow up there.

I got a phone call from the Ministry of Transportation saying I've been chosen to represent the neighborhood in a survey. When I called the number to take it, they asked a couple of standard questions (age, how many people live in my household, etc.) and then they asked me to describe every trip I took the previous day, where I went, and what mode of transport I used. As I had gone to MDA that day, I rode on the TCC, Mississauga Transit, and Brampton Transit, so public transit will be very well represented.

At the gym today, I hit the benchmark I had set for myself on the stairmaster, so I'm slowly getting back into shape. Now to extend the session another five minutes till I hit the next one.

New Anime Box Sets I need to watch in their entirety: Angelic Layer (Battling Barbie Bots), The Excel Saga (which approaches Dada-est levels of absurdity), and Blue Seed (comedy/horror/sci-fi series with cute girls and big guns)

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What's the news with MDA and Rocketplane Kistler?

I'm just guessing it has something with making sure that Canadarm2 is compatible with COTS.

From what I've heard it's mainly ground support equipment and the like, no structural input.

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