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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Not Dead

Wow, I was still in London last time I posted.

Well, I'm back now. Thanks again to owlfish and colins_journal for putting up with me for 10 days.

Been very busy since I got back with a) work, which took me a little while to get caught up on, but I now have it under control and b) finishing cleaning up and clearing out my apartment. I got rid of the crappy futon and two short bookcases and replaced them with a new sofa bed and two tall bookcases (good thing IKEA delivers here, they don't in England). I reshelved all my books and DVD, and everything is now off the floor (let's see what long that lasts). I got rid of a mammoth pile of old VHS, almost entirely anime fansubs I now have on DVD, and will be donating all the old SF I don't want anymore to the Merril Collection to sell next year at Word on the Street (they sold smothing like 20 boxes of books this year!).

Saw Terry Gilliam twice last week, once at the Merril, and once at a Cinemathegue showing of his new film Tideland which I have mixed feelings about. It is an amazing piece of filmmaking with tremendous performances, but it didn't have a lot to say to me.

Finally started going back to the gym regularly about about five months of goofing off, which was really starting to affect me, I'd started feeling tired almost all the time. I've already started feeling better.

I know of four birthday parties this weekend, what is it with October? I'm going to kelpqueen's (not that she's started using her lj yet).

The Royal is going to re-open Nov. 24! And according to kungfufridays, while a re-start of Kung-Fu Friday is not yet on the horizon, there's going to be a kung-fu night there early on. I got a scare at the Royal the other day as i was walking towards it and saw "For Rent" on the Marquee, scaring me that something had gone wrong with the previous deal to re-open it. But they were holding a Latin Film Festival there that week, and "For Rent" was one of the films.