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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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I saw Wicked tonight, on the strong recommendation of owlfish (who just recently saw it with andromakie), as it stars the original Elphaba, Idina Menzel, and I'll so glad I did. Actually, I wish I had gone to see it when I first arrived in London so I could have seen it again tonight. With tomorrow my last day here there's not much chance I could get another ticket.

I so much appreciate that the most important thing in the show is Elphaba's and Glinda's friendship, not that Elphaba gets the guy in the end. I normally like to portray myself as the king of the cynics but when something like this is handled well, and this was, I'm as sentimental as anyone else.

The staging and chorography was amazing. I've got the lyrics of "Loathing", when Elphaba and Glinda sing about how much they hate each other (a marvelous point/couinterpoint song) running thru my head right now.

Glinda (can't remember the actress name right now) got a big hand when she first appeared, which Shana mentioned didn't happen when she saw it. I'm glad the audience did that, as her role is just as important as Elphaba's, and she was really great.

When I came back from intermission I slipped past the man and woman sitting next to me, and then I kicked something in front of my seat. I looked down, and there was a red shoe covered with glitter. I picked it up and asked the women "Is this your ruby slipper?" She said it was and her friend said "That's how she's getting home afterwards."

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LOL, Wicked opens in Toronto in a week. Not that I don't love to bash Toronto, but do you really expect your local version to compare that poorly? :)

My first introduction to Wicked was this great cosplay version of Popular (although the audience stupidly bursts into applause twice in the middle of the song) from Katsucon 2005. (I was actually at the con, but missed the masquerade. And there were quite a few skits of comparable quality!) I didn't even find out where it was from until much later. (LOL, I'm so culturally ignorant that I didn't even realize that the shortened version of "Paint it Black" used as the theme song for Tour of Duty wasn't an original song until I saw the credits.)

The Loathing song's proper title is "What Is This Feeling?", FWIW. You owe it to yourself to watch the She-Ra version. (If you get bored of watching them wave their arms at each other, skip ahead to see who makes up the chorus.)

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