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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Going to London...

I'm off to London in three weeks to visit with owlfish and colins_journal. If anyone has any recommendations of places to go or things to see off of the usual tourist path, let me know!

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Unless you like things that move *really slowly*, avoid the London Eye.

Marine Ices on Chalk Farm Road is the best ice cream in London, though it may be too cold for that - good pasta too at decent prices.

I'd put in a bid for Oddono's being the best London ice cream. Clearly, I need to try out more of the competition.

The London Eye has good views on a clear day, but they're probably more satisfying if you already have a grasp of the city's layout.

I just got engaged last week at Marine Ices, so I'm probably a little biased ;-)

Is Greenwich worth the trip?

Charlene and Hayden said I must go to Greenwich, so with two positive votes I'd say it's added to the list.

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