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The Engineer

The Life and Times of Donald F. Simmons

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Some Events...

Last Friday night dropped by the IV Lounge for their bi-weekly reading. Haven't been there for quite a while, so I almost missed the fact they now have a back patio and do the readings there. Ran into Myna Wallin, who I haven't seen in ages, and heard perhaps the greatest opening line for a poem ever:

"The kitchen wept onions, for the cook was dead"

Saturday noon the SF book club got together (well, five of us anyway) to see Snakes on a Plane! I enjoyed it. No, it didn't live up to the hype (what could?) but it was just goofy enough and cool enough to work for me. Although when gangster Eddie Kim says (regarding the snake's plan) "We've exhausted all the other possibilities!", I seriously wonder what the rest were. Ninjas disguised as nuns? Slipping the pilots LSD? Big magnets? (No, Lost has already done that one.)

In the afternoon I headed over to Lisa Truant-Tan's place (her parents actually) for her annual BBQ pool party (although I'm not sure if anyone swam this year). Also there were andromakie, aprilsnark, boywhocantsayno, green_trilobite, ladyktallia, moon_custafer, and redeem147, among other, non-LJ people. While the weather as gloomy we only got slightly sprinkled on occasion, and the bugs stayed away. And also praise to Irwin at the BBQ.

Sunday I headed down to the Paradise Comic Con at the Hilton. It wasn't big, but it was quite crowded, and I picked up several graphic novels cheap. Ran into neoengel watching the door, and  davemerril and  dwinghy as I was going out and they were going in.

In the evening dropped by the Savannah Room on College to catch an improv group there called Munchausen, that I'd been meaning to check out for quite a while.  While they didn't do any of the usual improv games (just endlessly went from one sketch to another on stage)  they were very funny and well worth the time, especially as the 9:30 show is free (8:00 show $5).

Oh, and I found An American Werewolf in London cheap at HMV, which I've wanted (cheap) for ages. Best werewolf movie ever! The transformation sequence puts CGI to shame, and the movie never cops out,  David is quite simply screwed and there's nothing he can do about it.

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There should probably be a contest to imagine what all the other plans were.

*Big magnets? (No, Lost has already done that one.)*

I'm pretty sure Wile E. Cyote did too, albeit inadvertently.

Slipping the pilot LSD would surely have been an easier plan, especially as they didn't seem any too bright. Although they would've had to dose everyone or Troy could still have landed the craft. Hm - "People Hallucinating Snakes On a Plane."

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